Our services at a glance

SCHWAB.engineers offers a diversified range of services – along the entire value chain of a realty. From project controlling and management via consulting through to completion management: here you can find our services at a glance.

Project controlling

During the construction phase we support our costumers in terms of an effective organizational structure. Also, we supervise the compliance of predefined goals with regard to both qualities and quantities as well as costs and dates. If a project should not be able to comply with defined costumer goals, we develop individual, problem-solving solutions – flexible, prompt and purposefully.

In the context of project controlling, we offer the following services according to the AHO (Committee of Associations and Chambers of engineers and architects regarding the schedule of fees):

  • Organization
  • Qualities
  • Costs
  • Dates and logistics
  • Contracts and insurances

Project management

With regard to the project management, we assume the concerted management function of the building contractor. In doing so, we set great value upon economic thinking and acting, an assertive team and a flexible workflow. Hence, we put emphasis on effective organisational structures as well as warranty and conflict management.

In the context of project management, we offer the following services:

  • Building contractor representation
  • Organization management
  • Quality management
  • Schedule management
  • Cost management
  • Warranty management
  • Conflict management


An effective and early controlling enables considerable cost reductions with regard to the total expenses of a project. Therefore, we assume specific controlling measures: we analyze optimization possibilities, supervise the compliance of contractual framework conditions during the construction phase and expedite the quality management.

In the context of controlling, we offer the following services:

  • Budget controlling
  • Allocation management
  • Quality management
  • Schedule controlling
  • Bank controlling


Our wide range of experts enables us to support you during the entire construction phase. Based on a profound know-how, a strong sense of responsibility as well as a foresighted thinking and acting, we develop and supervise work processes and problem-solving approaches – economically and flexible.

In the context of consulting we offer the following services:

  • Project development
  • Location and concept analysis
  • Building contractor and investor 
  • ASET and FM Consulting
    • Due Diligence
    • Life cycle observation
    • Value of property
    • Analysis and reprocessing of faulty aspects

Technical Due Diligence (TDD)

Regarding the value determination of a building object we take care of the Technical Due Diligence, thus the technical building evaluation. Here we analyze constructional as well as technical aspects of a realty that are relevant to costs. In addition, we create corresponding reports.

This service is offered in three different scopes: Light, Basis and Full

  • Profound technical support of real estate
  • Identification of constructional and technical aspects
  • Accurate and comprehensive reports
  • Cost forecasts


  • Pre-inspection
  • Initial assessment
  • Summary (overview)


  • Data room analysis
  • On-site visit
  • Capital expenditure (CAPEX) prognosis
  • Red Flag List


Like Basis, but in report form with:

  • Description of location
  • Building law
  • Structural design
  • Building technology
  • Fire safety
  • Maintenance/Inspection
  • Basis EDD/ESG
  • Photographic documentation
  • Full TDD report

Optional modules

  • Areas
  • Development potential
  • Service charges
  • Surveyors
  • Maintenance
  • Utilization concept
  • Warranty
  • Rehabilitation concept
  • Tenant fitout
  • FM analysi

Completion management

In case of unexpected project delays, interruptions and courses, we intervene promptly – following the building constructor’s advices – and develop individual solution strategies. Our interdisciplinary approach enables us to consider any problem from different perspectives. Thus, we guarantee the conception of target-oriented advances – in order to enable an expeditious and effective completion of the project.

In the context of completion management, we offer the following services:

  • Building constractor representation
  • Adjustment and completion of faulty processes
  • Achievement of objects
  • Filling of key positions in order to achieve project goals


Es gibt diverse Gründe, die eine Gutachtenerstellung notwendig machen. Beispielsweise durch die Bank oder das Gericht aufgetragene Verpflichtungen oder bei einem Hauskauf oder -verkauf.

Dabei bieten wir folgende Level der Immobilienbewertung an:

  • Verkehrswertgutachten i.S.d. § 194 BauGB 
  • Kurzgutachten
  • Immobilienkaufberatung
  • Gutachten zur Restnutzungsdauer der Immobilie
  • Marktpreiseinschätzung von Immobilien in Hamburg

Die Durchführung der Bewertung erfolgt durch einen Sachverständigen für Immobilienbewertung D1 (DEKRA zertifiziert) und geprüften Immobilienbewerter (Sprengnetter), Sachverständigen für Bauschadenbewertung (Schäden an Gebäuden, DEKRA zertifiziert).