Hamburg – Alte Rindermarkthalle

The building of the former Rindermarkthalle is located on Neuer Kamp 31 in Hamburg's St. Pauli district. The owner, Sprinkenhof AG, intends to rent the building for a limited period of ten years to a retail company that plans to build a consumer market concept on the ground floor with various retail areas and an open market space. The tenants of the doctor's office and mosque on the upper floor remain on the mezzanine level, as does the parking deck.

The Sprinkenhof AG will repair the building envelope (facades and roofs) and the main staircases and carry out the structural changes to the north façade necessary for the consumer market concept. The renter will provide the necessary modifications for the consumer market concept in the interior (including building services) and the redesign of the outdoor facilities (including parking spaces).

Project name
Alte Rindermarkthalle
Building contractor consulting
Project steering, Quality- and Change management
Client / architect
Sprinkenhof AG
Realization period
2011 - 2015
Project volume
13 Mio. Euro